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  • Ferrite Magnet Base Ceramic Cup Magnet
Ferrite Magnet Base Ceramic Cup Magnet

Ferrite Magnet Base Ceramic Cup Magnet

  • Diameter: 66.68mm
  • Height: 7.11mm
  • Coating: Cr
  • Pull Force: 80 lbs
  • Product description:Ferrite Magnet Base Ceramic Cup Magnet

Round Base Magnet, Ferrite Cup Magnet, Ceramic Pot Magnet, Ferrite Pot Magnet, Ferrite Magnet Mount

Product Description:

Ferrite Cup Magnet Base is made of chrome plated steel cup containing ceramic, ferrite magnet.

For indoors and outdoors applications at temperatures between -10 degrees and 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Holding force is concentrated on rim of steel cup and will not hold through a layer of material.

These ceramic magnet mounts are low profile with attachment hole in the center for fastener. Attachment hole in center will accommodate hook, knob, eyebolt, or other fastener. Position or hold inspection equipment, indicator gauges, lights, signs, antennas and more.

Below is list of our ferrite magnet base (RB Series), please check them:

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